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Australias banks have a dirty secret

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Someone is funding AGL’s climate pollution, and the big banks don’t want us to find out who. Can you help us expose the dirty bank? 

AGL is Australia’s biggest climate polluter, and they plan on mining and burning coal until 2048 - which is way too late. Scientists, the United Nations, and the International Energy Agency all agree, we must stop burning coal by 2030 if we want to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. 

Rather than go 100% renewable, AGL is attempting to hide their dirty coal pollution behind a new company called Accel. They’d still be sourcing most of their electricity from the very same highly polluting coal burning power stations. It’s a dodgy corporate accounting trick, and they need over $800 million from the banks to pull it off. 

Can you help us expose the dirty bank and put a stop to it? Email the big four banks and let them know they can’t bank on AGL’s dirty coal. 

It's time to call out AGL's greenwashing.

AGL uses misleading “net zero” and “carbon neutral” claims to mask the reality of its highly polluting and carbon-intensive operations.

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Where do the big banks stand on climate? 

The big four banks talk big on climate action - they all say they are 100% on board with the Paris Climate Agreement. But all of them have a long history of funding AGL’s climate pollution. And none of them have ruled out financing companies like AGL in the future.

For the banks to be serious about climate action, they have to rule out loaning money to AGL unless AGL agrees to switch off their coal burning power stations and go 100% renewable by 2030.

Check out each of the big four banks below, and see how what they say lines up with what they do (hint - it doesn’t).

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You can't bank on AGL's dirty coal