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Are you an AGL customer? 

As an AGL customer, you are in a powerful position to force AGL to change.

AGL needs your business to continue to survive. Which means if enough customers like you speak up, together we can make them sit up and pay attention.

Consumer pressure has forced major corporations like Woolworths, Coles, Telstra and Bunnings to commit to 100% renewable energy use by 2025. And we’re starting to see signs that AGL is feeling the heat as more and more people like you take a stand and demand they stop burning dirty coal.

Now it's time to dial up the pressure on the company to ditch coal for clean renewable energy. Email the AGL CEO and let him know as a customer you demand AGL does better. You can also contact the AGL customer service hotline and seek a commitment from them that they will shut down all of their coal-burning power stations by 2030 at the latest.

Together we can win this fight for action on climate change, and force AGL to become the genuine renewable energy leader they spruik themselves to be.

Email AGL's CEO

Have your say. Send AGL’s CEO Graeme Hunt an email and let him know enough is enough, as a customer you're demanding  AGL replaces its dirty coal-burning power stations with clean renewable electricity.


Contact customer service

Contact the AGL customer service hotline and demand they shut down all of their coal-burning power stations by 2030 at latest. Don’t be bamboozled by their spin about “carbon neutral” or investing in renewable energy. The only true action they can take for the climate is to ditch coal for renewable energy right now.

Let us know you're an AGL customer.

If you haven't already fill in the form and let us know that you're an AGL customer. We'll keep you up to date on all the latest ways to take action.

By supporting this campaign you give permission for Greenpeace Australia Pacific to contact you.

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Take a stand on social media

AGL uses their social media accounts to spruik their 'clean energy credentials' and mislead their customers. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and comment on their posts, calling out their hypocrisy and demanding they switch to 100% renewable energy by 2030.